St Peter’s Playgroup is a charity and run behind the scenes by a committee. This committee¬† is made up of volunteers from the community, often parents and grandparents of children who are, or have been, enrolled at Playgroup. They make the decisions, with the staff, about how Playgroup should operate – the policies, advertising, how the money should be spent and so on.

Committee meetings are held three times a year. Parents are encouraged to attend these meetings: to find out more about how the playgroup is run; and to contribute about things that are important to you.  Meetings are held in the Baptist Church Hall, Lower Wolvercote at 7pm on

  • Thursday 3rd March 2016
  • Thursday 30th June 2016
  • Thursday 13th October 2016

A typical agenda for a committee meeting is

  • Staff update
  • Financial situation
  • Admissions and number of vacancies
  • Any other business

Anyone can apply to join the committee. Parents are the most common volunteers, but as their chilren grow up, the parents go with them, so new faces are always needed. Some committee members have named roles e.g. treasurer, others are general members who contribute to discussions, but don’t have specific tasks to do. For more details about how you could help, with whatever time and skills you have available, here is a description of Committee roles.

In order to encourage new members to join the committee, and to reward them in a small way for the time they contribute to the management of the playgroup, each committee member is allowed to nominate one child to be prioritised on the Playgroup waiting list. Policy for the priorisation of waiting list by committee members

Committee members have DBS clearance.